Tom has been studying and performing music since his youth, growing up on Cape Cod. There he learned jazz from many of the local mainstays of the Cape Cod jazz scene. At that time Tom founded his first group, The Smokin’ Jackets along with his fellow classmates. The group performed regularly through their high school years, and had the opportunity to perform in the 1997 New England Jazz Festival. Tom received a Bachelor of Music from UMASS Lowell in 2001. While there he studied string bass with Mark Henry of the Boston Pops, was mentored by and performed with guitarist Richard Schilling, studied privately with bassist John Lockwood, and studied harmony and improvisation with pianist Anthony Mele. After college Tom continued to be mentored by many Boston jazz musicians as well as pursuing brief studies in Indian classical music.

For over a decade Tom has been an active musician as both a freelancer and bandleader. After college his focus immediately turned to the art of the duo, holding residencies with numerous pianists around the region. This love of duo performing is something that Tom has continued to this day in many different musical contexts. He has also pursued improvisation in its many forms, traditional jazz, free jazz, and all of the various stripes of acoustic and electronic jazz fusion. In 2003 he founded his own group, to realize his original compositions. The group featuring clarinetist Todd Brunell, guitarist Casper Gyldensoe, drummer Toshio Tanaka, recorded two studio EPs, two live albums, and was featured the Network Pacific Records Contemporary Jazz Sampler Volume II.

In 2014 Tom was a founding member of the Worcester Jazz Collective, a group that was established to explore jazz in its many forms within the diverse jazz community of Worcester, MA. The group’s repertoire spans the genre of jazz from traditional to contemporary and draws on the diverse backgrounds and musical experiences of its members to bring a unique musical performance to each audience it performs for. In 2016 Tom took over the leadership of the group. Under his stewardship the WJC has grown to include a larger number of musicians, expanded the amount of the group’s gigs, and won several Worcester Music Awards.

In 2007 Tom expanded his musical experience from the American tradition to that of Ireland first with the group Fergus and then with The Stone Clovers. With both groups he had the opportunity to perform at numerous music festivals throughout New England, and also to share the the stage with and get to know many international artists such as Lunasa, Derek Warfield and The Young Wolfetones, Rattle The Boards, The Screaming Orphans, The Town Pants, among many others. He has also been a strong advocate for the Irish music community of Central Mass in founding the website The site’s purpose being to promote the regions’ wonderful musicians. He has also organized a number of concerts bringing these musicians together to help promote and strengthen the bonds of that community.

Tom has also worked steadily as a freelancer and sideman. He has performed with The Carlos Ordria Trio, Hamburger Midnight, Niki Luparelli and the Goldiggers, Tera Fima, Crann Bethadh, among others.

In 2018 Tom was named one of Worcester Business Journal’s “40 Under 40”. In 2019 Tom recieved a Fellowship Grant from The Worcester Arts Council.